Eveline Smet

Growth Strategist & Managing Partner of The Growth Agency

Evert Bulcke

Chief Strategist at Rombit

Xavier Corman

CEO & Co-Founder Edebex

Jonathan Schockaert

Co-founder and CEO of ListMinut

Harold Grondel

Managing director of Productize

Sébastien Deletaille

CEO and co-founder of Real Impact Analytics (RIA)

Philippe Mauchard

Intra and entre-preneur in business building service

Maxime Carpentier

Entrepreneur at Zerocopy

Jeroen de Wit

Co-founder and CEO at Teamleader

Bart van Loon

Managing partner at Zeropoint

Benedicte Wilders


    Koen Stevens

    Founder BuboBox - Ambassador Marketing Automation

    Pascale Delcomminette

    CEO chez Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX) et Wallonia Brussels International (WBI)

    Sven de Cleyn

    Leads the imec.istart team at imec

    Filip Tack

    Co-founder and CEO at Nomadesk

    Katrien Dewijngaert

    Co-founder Start-it KBC

    Kobe van Reppelen

    Writer and entrepreneur

    Bart Becks

    Founder angel.me, Executive chairman Euractiv, Founding partner Venturewise

    Ken van Eesbeek

    Sales Director Gambit

    Moos Tits

    Co-founder FLAVR

    Bert van Wassenhove

    Co-founder THINK with people

    Leen Segers

    Co-founder at LucidWeb

    Georges Caron

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder for Keemotion

    Sarah Facq

    Startup coach & matchmaker at Bryo

    Tim Govaert

    Entrepreneur & startup coach at Bryo

    Michel Tombroff

    CEO at Jack Media

    Claire Tillekaerts

    General Manager at Flanders Investment & Trade

    Patrick Jordens

    Entrepreneuroloog, projectleider, trainer/facilitator

    Michel de Wachter

    Co-Founder & CO-CEO Appiness

    Hinde Boulbayem

    CEO & Founder SUMY

    Aline Muylaert

    Co-Founder of CitizenLab

    Raphaël Abou

    CEO of Allyum and Founder of #startup seriousfunding.be.

    Cédric Pierrard

    CEO and founder of Efficy CRM

    Michael Humblet

    Founder Chaomatic

    Nicolas Christiaen

    Co-Founder of Cashforce

    Sylvain Niset

    General Manager at Doctoranytime Belgium

    Anne Collet

    Founder of Le Wagon

    Ruz Chishty

    international entrepreneur/investor

    Khadijat Abdulkadir

    Founder and Executive Director of Social Enterprise Digital African Woman (DAW)

    Wim De Wispelaere

    VP Advanced Development at Amplidata

    Frédéric Sallmann

    Head of Innovation at GSK vaccines

    Jorn Vanysacker

    VP Marketing at INTUO

    Pieterjan Bouten

    Co-Founder & CEO Showpad

      Pierre De Muelenaere

      Founder, Past-President and CEO at I.R.I.S. Group

      Hans Constandt

      CEO and Founder at Ontoforce

      Tom Le Clef

      Co-founder at Chestnote