Scaling up: The Sky is the Limit

Once you’ve survived the “death valley”, opportunities for fast growth lie around the corner. But with opportunities comes threat – as fast growth can endanger your operations as much as lack of growth could. This session will guide you through the principals of growth hacking, how to get the unavoidable data explosion under control and use those insights for business purposes and the optimal way to grow your business making use of the cloud.
Hands-on testimonials by accomplished entrepreneurs who will provide real-life tips, best practices and lessons learned.

Session speakers

Eveline Smet

Growth Strategist & Managing Partner of The Growth Agency

Eveline started her career at BBDO as a digital strategist. She grew the social media department from 1 to 6 people. She and her team of copywriters and content strategists worked for clients like Masterfood, Pepsico, Colgate and others.
Next, she started freelancing as a digital strategist for both corporates like Johnson & Johnson and USG People and startups like Campr. After four years as a freelancer, she decided to use her experience in data-driven marketing and growth hacking to found The Growth Agency (

Sébastien Deletaille

CEO and co-founder of Real Impact Analytcs (RIA)

Sébastien is the CEO and co-founder of Real Impact Analytics (RIA). He is a rare blend of thinker and doer with a passion for transforming data into action for both business and philanthropic purposes.

Sébastien earned his MSc from Solvay Brussels School (summa cum laude) where he also founded the school’s first entrepreneurial club. After graduating, he joined McKinsey & Company as a business analyst. He successfully spearheaded prestigious international projects across many sectors, gaining expertise and versatility. He now serves on one of McKinsey & Company’s boards.

In 2009, he and his ex-school mate, Loïc Jacobs van Merlen launched RIA. Their mission was to give businesses the ability to mine, analyze and act upon massive inflows of data, easing workers’ daily jobs. Sébastien has facilitated over 100 implementations across Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. He’s also been instrumental in the development of Data for Good, which is a program that helps governments and international agencies alleviate poverty, food crises and provide disaster relief where it’s needed most.

Under Sébastien’s leadership, RIA has grown to a thriving team of 120+ employees around the world. He was recently selected to be part of the MIT Innovators Under 35 community.

When he isn’t tapping into rich data flows and driving RIA to even greater heights,Sébastien enjoys classical music, squash and scuba diving.

Michel de Wachter

Co-Founder & CO-CEO Appiness

Michel founded Appiness in cooperation with Jonas De Cooman in the beginning of 2014. He joined the company from BNP Paribas Fortis, where he started in the International Management Traineeship. After the traineeship, he mainly worked on product management and -strategy for the international retail network of the bank. Next to that, he was innovation ambassador and a member of the workgroup developing the Strategy 2020 for BNP Paribas Fortis.
Parallel to his own career, Michel De Wachter also tried to support the professional development of others as a member of the management team of YouBridge, a non-profit active in 11 countries. Today he functions as co-CEO and COO of the company and works out of London. Together with his co-founder Jonas, he transformed an idea into a company with more than 20 FTEs developing state of the art technology. In less than a year, Spott has been developed from scratch and put into the market having more than 110.000 users in Belgium alone within its first 4 months.

Sven de Cleyn

Leads the imec.istart team at imec

Sven De Cleyn is leads the imec.istart team at imec, the leading research and venturing organization in Belgium on digital technologies. In this role, he heads one of the world's leading business incubation programs for digital start-ups, which supported over 120 start-ups already. Additionally, he is professor in entrepreneurship at University of Antwerp (Belgium).

Bert van Wassenhove

Co-founder THINK with people

Bert Van Wassenhove calls himself a venture producer. With significant experience in marketing and digital media – and by leveraging his network – Bert helps people take an original idea and turn it into a sustainable company.

As a co-founder at THINK with people, every year he coaches over 150 early stage entrepreneurs in fields the fields of smart entrepreneurship, developing a vision and setting up marketing and communication plans. In 2015 he founded The CoFoundry, a seed fund and accelerator for growth stage companies, where he acts as managing partner.

He is also a public speaker, podcaster and opinion leader in entrepreneurship through his initiative “De Vitesse”.
Author of the book: “Een Digitaal Marketing Plan in 100 Dagen”