LAUNCHPAD MEETUP Consumer Products & Retail

What’s in a name? 

This Launchpad Meetup is your unique chance at selling your product or service to
Delhaize, Metro, P&G or Unilever – it’s that simple. 

How does it work?

Do you offer a product or service that would mean a real added value for 
Delhaize, Metro, P&G or Unilever? Then you’re the entrepreneur we’re looking for. Join us for the first selection day during Tech Startup day and earn your chance to pitch for the C-level of the participating corporates.   

Are they still convinced after your “10 minutes of glory”? Then you might have found a customer who will open a lot of doors right away! Because, let’s be honest, with one of those logos in your portfolio, it’ll be a lot easier to convince new clients and investors of your potential!  Curious who you will be pitching for? Follow the site closely and we will reveal the names of the jury soon. 

Just go for it!

Do you need some information? Please contact the EYnovation Core Team!