Thinking: Juggling Business Models

There are many ways to take a product or service to market. This session will explain the different business models in the tech industry and how to make a well considered choice. While at the same time showing that your business plan today may very well be rubbish tomorrow, as you will be reacting very agile to market responses and will probably reinvent your business three times before you find the best way forward.
This will be illustrated by real-life testimonials from the guest speakers listed below.

Session speakers

Jonathan Schockaert

Co-founder and CEO of ListMinut

Jonathan Schockaert, 27 years old. Born and raised in Belgium by a family of entrepreneurs. He studied Business Engineering, with a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship. He started really young, taking part in different entrepreneurial initiatives during his teenage years and became 2nd young walloon entrepreneur of the year in 2013. He is now the co-founder and CEO of ListMinut.

Maxime Carpentier

Entrepreneur at Zerocopy

Maxime Carpentier is CEO of Zerocopy, a free printing service for students in return for targeted advertising on the prints

Moos Tits

Co-founder FLAVR

Moos Tits obtained his master degree in innovation and entrepreneurship in Belgium. During his studies he co-founded 2 companies: Mark&Ad , which was a marketing consulting firm and AN Event, which was an event organization and management company. In 2014 he joined Accenture with his friend Alexander Van Laer. There they participated in the Accenture innovation challenge. They won the accenture innovation challenge with their concept ’FLAVR’. FLAVR is a peer-to-peer platform that wants to unleash the free market for online food delivery. Besides being busy with the platform, he is also a start-it@ KBC mentor.

Sarah Facq

Startup coach & matchmaker at Bryo

Sarah Facq is an intrapreneur who has coached over 100 startups and prestartups as part of the Bryo team.
Bryo is a peer & entrepreneurial coaching network from Voka where startups can deal with their hurdles in cooperation with likeminded entrepreneurs.
Her experiences lay in organising learning networks, matchmaking and business model brainstorming.

Tim Govaert

Entrepreneur & startup coach at Bryo

Tim gets his energy and enthusiasm from helping companies (and the entrepreneurs behind them) grow. Tim is a coach for many startups. He currently works for Voka. As a project manager he is responsible for fast growth companies, funding of companies and Bryo. Tim is also a mentor at the Birdhouse and is involved in several Board of Advisors. Tim also founded his own company, Veltion, which is specialized in the implementation of lean management in SME’s. He has founded TEDxGhent, Toastmasters Gent and the Professional Speakers Association Belgium and is passionate about speaking and training.

Aline Muylaert

Co-Founder of CitizenLab

Aline Muylaert is 23 years old and just recently graduated as business engineer. She’s the co-founder of PITU which presented the first Bustaurant who sold Temaki. But Aline and the other founder Wietse Van Ransbeeck soon realized that they wanted to do more than just serve food to a city. So they founded Citizenlab, a civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city. Today Aline is Citizenlab’s head of sales.